Digital Contact Center

PIB has invested in digital services to allow its customers to manage their account, whenever it’s convenient. The Bank has established a Digital Contact Center equipped with the latest technologies and a full-time qualified staff to provide customers with round-the-clock services through a variety of digital channels, including social media platforms, direct chat, email, or phone.

Digital Contact Center

Easier….Faster… 24 hours

Our Digital Contact Center provides a range of banking services, including those related to:

  • Cards
  • Account management
  • Cheque books
  • Financing (loans and mortgages)
  • Transfers
  • General inquiries

Our Digital Contact Center offers:

  • Round-the-clock access to banking services, without the need to visit a branch.
  • A full-time team offering quick responses to customer inquiries.
  • Many customers interaction channels through which they may contact with the Center (such as through WhatsApp, Facebook, website, e-mail, and phone).