Tayseer Card, a product of Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB), offers you a wide range of privileges, discounts, and services. With Tayseer Card, you can make purchases through points of sale or e-commerce sites, and the Bank would settle your payments and charge them to your card. Customers will then settle the amounts due in the form of monthly installments. The card is subject to annual subscription fees collected on a monthly basis.

To read how the Tayseer card conforms to Sharia banking conditions please  click here

Service Package  Category I Category II Category III
Commission-free online shopping and POS purchases
Exemption from fees on periodic cycle bill settlement 1 1 2
Exemption from ATM card issuance / renewal fees
Exemption from check deposit fee (NIS only) - Up to 60 checks Up to 120 checks
Exemption from transfer fees up to $20 per transaction (per quarter) -  3 5
إExemption from fees on issuance of banker checks (per annum) - 1 2

Exemption from complaint fees for local or international transactions to card sponsors (up to 10$ per complaint after the first complaint)

- - 2
Exemption from fees on the issuance of checkbooks (1 checkbook of 20 checks OR 2 checkbooks of 10 checks) - - 1
Purchases and Cash withdrawals / US Dollars $1-$1,000 $1,001-$2,400 $4,000-$2,401
  • Enjoy a renewable credit facility of up to three times the cardholder’s salary, up to a maximum of USD 6000.
  • Enjoy the ability to make purchases  through POS, electronic online shopping worldwide.
  • Pay off your balance in monthly installments of 8.33% of the total balance until the balance reaches 25 USD.
  • Enjoy no profit or interest charged on the Card’s used and current balance.
  • Receive SMS notifications to a registered mobile for every transaction made.
  • Receive a monthly statement showing cash withdrawals and purchase transactions.
  • Enjoy the ability to make online purchases with the Card.
  • Settle a fixed monthly fee charged to the Card.
  • Ensure that cashback is paid according to the value of purchases at many companies and exhibitions.
  • If the customer’s salary is not transferred to the Bank, they must identify an employee sponsor who can transfer their salary to the Bank.
  • A 100% cash insurance is offered to non-salary transfer customers in case the cash insurance is issued in the same currency as the card, and a 120% percentage is granted if it was provided in a currency other than the Card’s.
  • The customer’s total monthly obligations must not exceed 50% of the family’s approved monthly income, including Tayseer Card installments.
  • The customer must sign a Promissory Note of 100% of the Card’s value.