With PIB World Mastercard, you can now buy goods and services and make online purchases while paying in installments for up to 60 months or making cash payments in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles.

  • It is approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board.
  • It is considered as first-of-its-kind locally, allowing the purchase of goods and services with the possibility of paying in installments or in cash in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles.
  • It works across all local and international points of sale.
  • It offers the possibility of making online purchases.
  • It offers the possibility of making cash withdrawals of up to USD 200/month using PIB or other banks ATMs.
  • It offers a credit limit of up to USD 5,000
  • It uses a 3D secure system that sends an SMS with a verification code to your phone for every online transaction made.
  • It is equipped with a contactless payment feature whereby payment is possible without using a PIN code.
  • It offers the possibility of issuing a monthly statement of transactions.
  • It sends notification SMS for any withdrawal or purchase transaction to your registered phone number.

The card gives you access to privileges and discounts provided by Mastercard worldwide such as:

  • Unlimited free access to more than 25 airport lounges around the world with special benefits and other free services. For more info Click Here 
  • Discounts on airline tickets and luxury hotel accommodation.For more info Click Here 
  • Discounts of up to 25% on car rentals abroad.For more info Click Here 
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  • Discounts on learning sessions from leading international training platforms.For more info Click Here 
  • Special offers and discounts on tourism and entertainment facilities and restaurants in more than 40 countries.

     For more details on all features and privileges offered by Mastercard, Click here

The Card adaptation to be Sharia-compliant is based on the Murabaha structure for the purchase of goods and merchandise and the Ijarah structure for the leasing of services that both rely on offer, acceptance and agency, whereby the customer is a Bank agent in charge of exchanging offer and acceptance in the purchase process on behalf of the Bank.

for additional details about Sharia compliance, Click here


  • When you make a purchase using the Card, you will receive a text message containing the details of the transaction and a contact number to view payment options.
  • Upon contacting the number provided in the text message, you will see the available payment options, which are as follows,
  1. 60 months installments
  2. 48 months installments
  3. 36 months installments
  4. 24 months installments
  5. 12 months installments
  6. 6 months installments
  7. Cash payment with no installments.

knowing that the minimum amount eligible for payment through installments is 30 USD.

  • If you choose to pay the transaction in installments, you will receive a message with the value of your monthly installment.
  • If you do not reply to the message within 24 hours, the transaction will be paid in installments over 60 months.
  • If you choose the cash payment option, the amount due will be paid at the end of the monthly cycle.
  • The customer’s salary must be transferred to the account; otherwise, a sponsor with a transferred salary must be secured.
  • The total monthly credit obligations shall not exceed 50% of the established and approved monthly household income, including the Card’s installment.
  • The customer must sign a Promissory Note that is equal to the Card limit.
  • For customers benefiting from the Bank’s financing products, the Card shall be issued based on existing collateral.
  • In case the customer does not have a transferred salary or is not financed by the Bank, the Card shall be secured by a cash collateral or an investment deposit.