A corporate account with the Palestine Islamic Bank allows you to manage your daily financial transactions quickly and efficiently. It saves you time and gives you the flexibility to access a range of services, including making deposits and daily cash withdrawals, requesting cheque books and sending and receiving transfers, in addition to requesting a PIB Gold Credit Card.

Our Corporate Account is available for corporate and private companies, authorities, clubs, associations, government and civil institutions.

  • Make deposits and withdrawals in local and foreign currencies.
  • Issue debit cards and gold credit cards.
  • Ensure full use of our online electronic services, such as the SMS, IslamiOnline and IslamiMobile services.
  • Ensure the issuance of cheque books and the ability to deposit and exchange cheques in three currencies (USD, ILS and JD).
  • Receive and send local and international money transfers.
  • Pay bills through automated payment service systems.
  • Enjoy the ability to accept instructions via fax.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to open more than one sub-account.
  • Enjoy all banking services provided in accordance with the Terms of Use of each service.
  • Enjoy the chance to open an account on behalf of one or more people with authorized signatories.
  • An original copy of your Commercial Registration License.
  • A copy of professional licenses/ craft management licenses.
  • Personal ID of account holder and/or authorized persons.