At Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB), we always strive to provide banking services to our customers with the highest levels of security, protect them from the risks of fraudulent operations, and raise their awareness on the best ways to protect their accounts.

In order to maintain safe use of your bank cards, the following notes and guidelines shall be taken into consideration:

  • Always keep your bank cards in a safe place always.
  • If your card is stolen or lost, contact the digital call center to block it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that the SMS service is activated on your phone to see what transactions are made on your card
  • Do not keep your PIN and card in one place
  • Do not share your card number or PIN with anyone
  • Change the card PIN periodically
  • Destroy your old card upon expiry
  • Check with the branch or contact the digital call center when you receive notifications of transactions you did not perform on the card
  • When using the card for POS payments, enter the PIN yourself and do not provide it to the seller
  • When using the card to pay through POS, make sure that the amount entered by the merchant is correct and request a receipt from the POS upon completing the payment
  • When using the card to pay through POS, make sure that the value of the transaction you made is correct through the text message received.

To enjoy safe online shopping through PIB cards, you must consider the following notes and guidelines:

  • Avoid using the card to pay through untrusted websites
  • Use the card at websites that offer 3D Secure authentication and have the "Mastercard SecureCode" logo on the payment screen
  • Choose a strong password on all websites that ask you to sign-in and register your card details, such as Apple and Amazon accounts, as a simple password can be easily predicted.
  • Do not share the OTP with others.
  • Make sure to use one card for online purchases to make it easier for you to detect any unauthorized use of your card.
  • Do not provide any highly personal and unusual data or information in case it is requested to complete the purchase.
  • No contacting party will request all your card details such as the CVV code on the back of the card and the 16-digit card number.
  • Do not underestimate any of the data recorded on the card, such as name or expiry date, as it is one piece of information requested when making purchases.