Our Current Salary Account is aimed at those who work and receive a regular salary. Similarly to our Current Account, it allows you to manage your daily financial transactions quickly and efficiently, saving you time and giving you access to a range of services such as making deposits and daily cash withdrawals, requesting cheque books, and sending and receiving transfers, in addition to enjoying electronic banking services, such as IslamiOnline and IslamiMobile. Current Salary Account holders can also receive a Tayseer Card.

To open a Current Salary Account, customers must:

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Present an original copy of ID Card;
  • Present an employment letter.
  • Manage your account from anywhere through our online banking services.
  • Deposit and withdraw cash from any of Palestine Islamic Bank’s branches and ATMs.
  • Enjoy the availability of cheque books in three currencies (Jordanian dinar, US dollar and shekel).
  • Enjoy the eligibility to apply for a Tayseer Card.
  • Enjoy the ability to apply for a personal loan.
  • Make requests for bank statements through online banking or ATMs.
  • Receive account notifications via SMS, allowing you see transactions made on your account.
  • Enjoy the eligibility to have a debit card.
  • Manage your account through IslamiOnline and IslamiMobile.