If you are a civilian or retired from the military, this program enables you to obtain funding for various purposes:


  • The salary of the debtor and the guarantors must be transferred to the Bank.
  • If the sponsor/guarantor is retired, a financing plan is available if a salary guarantee for both the beneficiary and sponsor/guarantor is available in addition to the sponsorship permit of the spouse, or first and second-degree relatives.
  • If the sponsor/guarantor is not retired and has a first-degree relation with the beneficiary, the funding is granted with the salary guarantee of both the sponsor and the beneficiary.
  • Monthly installments must not to exceed 30% of the value of the salary.
  • Liabilities of the beneficiary and the guarantor are not to exceed a 100% of the salary.
  • A Takaful life insurance policy must be issued for the total value of the financing period and in the Bank's favor.