The 3D Secure feature constitutes an additional protection for your data when you make online payments using bank cards linked to the MasterCard Worldwide Network at sites and stores that support this feature. This free feature protects you against fraud and unauthorized online transactions.

  • This feature is enabled for all existing and new bank card holders.
  • This feature gives additional protection against the risks of fraud and unauthorized use of your card when making online payments.
  • You can now be reassured and confident when purchasing from sites that support this feature and display the "Mastercard SecureCode" logo on the payment screen.
  • It provides protection against any theft, fraud or forgery that bank cards might be exposed to.

This system works at sites and stores that support the 3D Secure system on the Internet, where the “MasterCard SecureCode” logo appears on the payment screen. The process is carried out through to the following steps:

  • Enter your card details as you would normally do during any online purchase.
  • After clicking and proceeding to "Payment", you will be automatically redirected to the PIB 3D Secure service documentation page.
  • A One-time password (OTP) is sent to your mobile phone number registered with the bank.
  • Enter the password you received via your mobile phone and click "Send"
  • The transaction will be approved if the password is correct, your card is valid and you have sufficient balance in your account.

How do I activate the 3D Secure service?

This service is effective for all Palestine Islamic Bank card holders.

How much is the subscription fee for the 3D Secure service?

It is a free service.

Is my personal information safe and protected?

Of course, all card details and customer information are protected, encrypted and stored securely.

What type of protection does 3D Secure provide?

3D Secure provides additional protection by sending a one-time password (OTP) when making any online purchase, as this helps in protecting the costumer against online fraud by verifying that the person making the online purchase is the true credit card owner.

What is an OTP?

OTP: One Time Password

It is a secret number used for the execution of a single transaction on a computer or any other electronic device. The password consisting of (X) digits is automatically sent to the mobile phone registered with the bank to authenticate the purchase.

How can I update the mobile phone number registered with the bank?

By visiting one of the bank’s branches located all over the country

Do all online transactions require an OTP?

No, the password is required only at the stores and websites that support the online 3D Secure system.

Can the OTP be used for more than one transaction?

Absolutely not, as each password sent is only valid for one specific transaction.

What happens if I do not receive the OTP on my mobile phone?

If the card details entered are correct, you can request to resend the OTP by clicking on the resend link that appears on the screen.

If you do not receive the OTP despite repeated attempts, please check whether your mobile number registered with the bank is correct or not by visiting any branch.

How many times can I ask to resend the OTP?

You can request to resend the OTP only three times per transaction. You must restart the transaction if you do not receive your password after three attempts.