We offer the best financing solutions to help companies develop their business and fulfil their goals.

Funds can be provided by the Bank to customers who meet the conditions of small and medium enterprises according to the standards of the Palestine Monetary Authority, which are as follows:

  • Customers/company sales should not exceed USD $7 million.
  • Number of workers in the enterprise/company should not exceed 25 workers.
  • The company should not be a public listed company (as per its commercial registration document).

The Bank provides finance to SMEs to help develop and support this sector; SMEs represent the largest group of businesses in Palestine. PIB contributes by buying machines and equipment from Palestinian SMEs and financing their working capital through Islamic finance tools, such as Murabaha and Mudaraba, Musharaka, Musawamah, Istisna’a, Muzara’a, Mugharasa, and Ijara.

PIB can offer corporate finance services to those businesses that do not fit into the criteria for SMEs. These companies can also benefit from PIB’s Islamic finance tools, such as the sales made by Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Bay’ Al Manafa, Muzara’a, Mugharasa and Ijara.