You can now own your dream home in Jerusalem through the housing loan program in the Jerusalem governorate.

Program Beneficiaries:

  • Existing or new customers of Jerusalem ID holders

Program benefits:

  •  Financing up to 85% of the property value with a down payment of no less than 15% of the value.
  •  Financing for up to 15 years.

Customer Terms and Conditions

  •  Applicants must be Jerusalem ID holders.
  •  Customers must be at least 22 years old and shall not be older than 60 when paying the last installment.
  •  Proof of income of the customer with acceptable supporting documents.
  •  Mortgaging the real estate in favor of the Al-Quds Bank company in Jerusalem, or have a real estate mortgage in the territories of the Palestinian Authority.
  •  A copy of recent real estate registration documents showing the plot number, basin and land area.
  •  A price quote showing the specifications of the property subject to financing and its price
  •  Real estate appraisal (number 2) of the property subject to financing from the bank's accredited appraisers in Jerusalem.