Palestine Islamic Bank Launches “Spread a Smile” Campaign in its Second Edition

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Palestine Islamic Bank launched the second edition of “Spread a Smile” volunteering campaign under the title “Eid Toy”, the campaign aims to enhance the social engagement of the bank’s employee towards their community, this participation comes in a form of donating toys for children in-need and children who suffer from illnesses, along with children in foster homes.

The first edition of the campaign was launched during the month of Ramadan, this new edition aimed at collecting kids’ toys donated by Bank’s employees in order to donate to local charities wherever the bank’s branches existed with the purpose of enhancing the positive participation of the employees with their community, and help spread cooperative positive spirit.

Doha Wazany, director of Public Relations Department said that such activities contribute in spreading the value of volunteering among employees. She added that such activities emerge from Islamic values which Palestine Islamic Bank work on consolidating in different fields. The Bank believes in the importance of being an integral part of the community and work to create communication methods in alliance with the Bank’s strategy.

Ms. Wazany stated that the Bank employees have managed to gather hundreds of toys for children that were donated to over 20 charity and foster house in addition to organizing entertainment activities for the children resident of these shelters. “The Bank also contributed in supporting the Eid convoy that starts in Jericho on Eid night in a big social event.” she added.

Ms. Wazany pointed to the great support provided by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management of the voluntary work programs and that they are working to strengthen this authentic culture among the employees through the adoption by the Department of various volunteer programs such as "Share a Smile" campaign in its first edition, launched last Ramadan, Where the employees were able to collect donations in kind valued at more than USD10,000 during which the collection of donations for Eid clothing benefited more than 14 local institutions serving hundreds of orphans, and the program "Baladi Trails" through which the staff of the bank by the implementation of voluntary campaigns aimed at identifying local archaeological sites and execute clean out days.