Palestine Islamic Bank provides thousands of meals to the displaced in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) provided thousands of hot meals to displaced families in the Gaza Strip as part of the Bank's efforts to relief our people in Gaza and in line with national assistance efforts in light of the war and the resulting humanitarian disaster and difficult living conditions.

This contribution comes within the framework of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Bank and Global Communities, which in turn contracted with a group of suppliers in the Gaza Strip to provide meals and distribute them to displaced families.

PIB General Manager Dr. Imad al-Sadi said that this contribution is part of the Bank's efforts to provide aid and assistance to our people in Gaza in light of their difficult living conditions and absence of various basic needs. He also stressed the need for joint efforts at the national level to provide everything possible to alleviate this suffering.

Al-Sadi added: "We use the Bank's Sustainable Social Responsibility program to provide support to dozens of institutions in vital sectors annually, especially in health and education, and in this period, due to the current circumstances, we are focusing our efforts on supporting our people in Gaza and strengthening their resilience due to the top priority of this aspect."

For her part, Mrs. Lana Abu-Hijleh, Country Director of Global Communities, expressed pride in the effective cooperation with the Palestinian private sector, especially in this difficult period for our people in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the generous support provided by PIB contributed significantly to providing hot meals to thousands of families suffering from severe hunger and deprivation of basic necessities.

She added: "In light of these challenges, the support we receive from PIB has strengthened our efforts to alleviate the difficulties facing these families, and will contribute to improving their living conditions."

PIB's sustainable social responsibility policy emphasizes the need for it to contribute to development and play an active role in serving the community, providing relief to our people, improving their living conditions and enhancing their resilience in light of the difficult circumstances they suffer from, in line with the global sustainable development goals.