Palestine Islamic Bank Sponsors “Saturday Market” event in Tubas

Palestine Islamic Bank provided its sponsorship for the “Saturday Market” event in Tubas, which was organized by the Local Economy Development Council and Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tubas Governorate. Several officials and domestic organizations took part in this sponsorship as well.

“Saturday Market” is an open market held every Saturday at Tubas Main Street. It aims at empowering the local national produce in addition to helping small and medium size businesses to market their products. The market provides a free space for the owners of these businesses to display their products that vary between food products, agricultural products, women’s cooperative products and creative handicrafts. This space allows the participants to promote, develop and improve their produce.

In a speech made on behalf of Palestine Islamic Bank, Tubas Branch Manager; Rashid Daraghmeh said that the idea of holding such weekly market, which our ancestors used to do regularly, serves our community in a great way, it forms a weekly forum for people meet on a weekly basis, where the consumers get to know their local produce closely, and the producers get to know the desires and needs of their consumers. “This contributes to the formation of a state of integration between consumers and producers, and then reflected positively on the local economy.” He said.

Mr. Daraghmeh drew attention to the Bank’s continuous quest to support economic and social initiatives that benefit our community, he stressed that the support isn’t only materialistic; it can be moral and cognitive support.

Daraghmeh ended his speech by talking about Palestine Islamic Bank geographical expansion plan which will take place until the year 2020. “We will witness opening 50 new branches which is a major contribution to realize the policy of financial inclusion the Palestine Monetary Authority seeks to achieve in addition to serving the interests of our people.” He added. “The expansion is combined with the adoption of modern technological methods and developed apps to serve all of the bank’s clients.”

From his end, Mr. Thaer Sawafta Head of Tubas Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanked Palestine Islamic Bank for the generous sponsorship of this event, pointing to the big influence such initiative hold to achieve the market’s goals. He praised the important social responsibility role Palestine Islamic Bank plays at the governorate of Tubas in particular and other governorates around the country in terms of Islamic banking activity in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.