Volunteer Day for Palestine Islamic Bank Employees in Support of Tkiyet Nablus

Palestine Islamic Bank organized a volunteer day at Tkiyet Nablus (Charitable Center) in partnership with the Nablus Zakat Committee with a team of bank employees preparing more than 1400 Iftar meals distributed to underprivileged families in the city. The concept of “Tkiya” was founded in the Islamic counties during the Ottoman’s era to eradicate hunger in the local community through providing sustainable food support by distributing and serving hot meals to the community’s underprivileged, inspired by the Islamic concept of providing food for the needy and assuming social responsibility for them.

The volunteer day was held as part of an integrated programme set up to promote the participation of the bank in the community both at an organizational level and employee level to enhance the bank’s contribution to the local community and to promote a culture of volunteering amongst staff inspired by the bank’s mission to interact effectively and supportively within the community. Doha Wazany; Public Relations Manager for Palestine Islamic Bank commented on the volunteer day saying that the bank had prepared a multi-event program during the holy month of Ramadan including volunteer work and Iftar events with the elderly and orphans.

Ms. Wazany further highlighted that the program of events was a weighted part of the bank’s social responsibility and represented a moral duty and obligation towards these marginalized groups in society. Ms. Wazany also indicated that social responsibility must go beyond the limited contributions of social inclusion programs and that the bank’s program provides support for various community events but also included all aspects of the bank’s work and its implications pointing to its continuous efforts to support various members of the community and alleviate their struggles wherever possible by implementing volunteer programs relying on the bank’s staff with the recent success of the “Masarat” program which was implemented in Nablus, Bethlehem, and Hebron and aimed to protect and recognize the ancient paths and archaeological sites.

As such this year will see the launch of other volunteer initiatives within the community as a whole. Mr. Emad Allahham – board member of the Nablus Zakat Committee thanked Palestine Islamic Bank for their efforts saying that the bank is always at the forefront of community service efforts and support to help disadvantaged groups. He pointed to the importance of all business sectors contributing and getting involved in charitable activities on a deep and effective level. Mr. Allahham also commended Tkiyet Nablus for the distribution of more than a 1000 Iftar meals in accordance with the center’s registration system and that the center in its sixth year is considered a sanctuary for the unfortunate and underprivileged particularly during the month of Ramadan and in general throughout the year.