PIB supports a number of associations caring for individuals with special needs

As part of the Bank’s Sustainable Social Responsibility Program, Palestine Islamic Bank supported a number of associations specialized in caring for individuals with special needs.

In Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate, PIB offered its support for Dar Al Salam Association for the Integration of Individuals with Disabilities, the Palestinian Center of Excellence for Brain Development (Takween), Khaled Association for Individuals with Severe Disabilities, and Al-Rahim Society Friends of Down Syndrome.

In the Governorate of Hebron, the Bank offered its support to Shabab Al Balad Charity in Ad-Dhahiriya, As-Samu Municipality Community Center, the Blind Charitable Society – Hebron. Such support aimed at enabling these associations to keep on offering care in favor of individuals with special needs.

Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, stated that supporting individuals with special needs and associations that offer care and services to them forms an essential part of the Bank’s Sustainable Social Responsibility Program. Such step aims at supporting this community segment and ensuring its social integration.

He added that the Bank’s efforts toward supporting individuals with special needs are not limited to supporting associations offering care for them. In fact, PIB is also keen on aligning its transactions, services, and facilities with their situation, noting that the Bank has already introduced sign language for bank transactions and issued withdrawal and deposit vouchers in Braille.

PIB’s Sustainable Social Responsibility Policy attaches the utmost importance to the Bank’s contribution to development. It also stresses upon assuming an active role in serving the community, ensuring our People’s relief, enhancing their quality of life, and fostering their resilience amidst their difficult living conditions, in line with the global sustainable development goals.