Palestine Islamic Bank Rebuilds a House in Bedia

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) as part of its Social Responsibility Program sponsored a restoration of a dilapidated house in Bedia – Salfit in partnership with the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces and Falastin Al-Kheir Program.

The reconstruction of Miri Kanaan’s house, included renovation works, maintenance and furnishing of the house. Thus, helping the family to live in a safe and healthy environment.

A delegation from the Bank headed by PIB’s General Manager Mr. Imad Al-Sadi, North District Director Mrs. Khitam Abu Aitah, and a number of PIB’s offices’ and branches’ managers visited the home of said family; in the presence of acting governor of Salfit Mr. Mahmoud Saleh and Director General of the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces Brigadier General Saadeh Saadeh, including journalist Rula Salama presenter and host of the Falastin Al-Kheir.

The attendees took a tour in the house and oversee the results of the renovation. They also met Mr. Kanaan, who expressed his joy and happiness with this project, which he described as a great achievement for his family.

Kanaan added, “We used to suffer from dampness and rainwater seeping into the house, but now everything has changed for the better and we feel safe. I am very grateful to all those who were part of making this possible.”

Mr. Al-Sadi stated, “PIB is always keen to help underprivileged families as part of its sustainable social responsibility program, with the aim of creating a lasting impact through the support in which it provides”,

Al-Sadi further emphasized the importance of PIB’s partnership with Falasrin Al-Kheir and the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces in providing support to marginalized segments of the committee.

Additionally, Al-Sadi added, “The Bank adapts its social responsibility program with the global goals of sustainable development, which includes eradicating poverty and helping the less fortunate”.

For his part, Mr. Mahmoud Saleh said that Salfit Governorate seeks to cooperate with all partners to provide a decent life for families suffering from difficult circumstances; whilst praising the efforts made by all parties that participated in the renovation of the house.

Also, Brigadier General Saadeh Saadeh said that the Scientific Committee has so far managed to rehabilitate approximately 2,700 facilities, of which 1,000 are homes that were rehabilitated in partnership with Falstin Al-Kheir Program. He added, “The happiness felt by the families who benefit from these projects is what motivates us to keep up these efforts and help others in need.”

Moreover, Palestine Islamic Bank believes in the importance of striking partnerships with other institutions and sectors with the aim to serve the community. It also allocates part of its annual net profits to support vital sectors as well as the less fortunate, seeking to create a positive and sustainable impact in society.