Palestine Islamic Bank supports building and equipping two Classrooms in “Noor Al-Quds” School

As part of its efforts to support the educational process, especially in the city of Jerusalem, Palestine Islamic Bank supported building and equipping two classrooms in “Noor Al-Quds” school.

The project, which was implemented in partnership with Taawon Association, aimed to increase the school’s ability to absorb larger numbers of students in order to strengthen the steadfastness of citizens in Jerusalem in the face of the challenges, and to improve the educational environment.

PIB Acting General Manager, Imad Al-Sadi, said that this project is one of many projects implemented by the Bank in the interest of supporting educational institutions in various parts of the country, whether by building classrooms in schools and developing their infrastructure, or by providing them with supplies, equipment and educational aids. In addition, PIB supports scientific research in universities, and dozens of other projects that serve the educational sector in its various stages and help to develop and advance the educational process.

Al-Sadi called for supporting institutions of the city of Jerusalem, especially educational ones, while praising the great efforts exerted by the Taawon in this field; explaining that this project comes within the framework of strategic and continuous cooperation between the two institutions, which had previously contributed to the implementation of many relief and employment programs and projects, among others.

For her part, Director General of the Taawon Association, Yara Al-Salem, said that this project comes within the framework of the Association’s efforts to support the educational sector in Palestine; aiming to raise the quality of education, develop the infrastructure in schools and increase the number of classrooms to provide a good learning environment. AL-Salem noted that Taawon has implemented a series of projects in previous years to rehabilitate, develop and equip schools in Jerusalem. Some of Taawon’s projects included the restoration of “Noor al-Quds” school, in addition to projects aimed at the reconstruction of the Old City and supporting cultural centers therein.

Moreover, Al-Salem thanked PIB for its continuous support and keenness to provide support and aid to Palestinians through its strategic partnership with the Taawon; stressing that the Association is very proud of its "cooperation" with PIB and other donor partners for their constructive role in strengthening the resoluteness of the Palestinians.

Palestine Islamic Bank dedicates the largest portion of its social responsibility program to support the health and education sectors, with the aim of creating a positive and sustainable affect society through the projects it implements thereof.