Palestine Islamic Bank Supports the Municipality of Al-Samou’

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to the municipality of Al-Samou’, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

The head of the southern area, Mr. Nizar Bally, and the manager of Al-Samou’ office, Mr. Atta Soubh, has visited the municipality and met its director Mr. Hatim Al-Mahareeq., where they discussed the means of cooperation that may contribute to support the municipality efforts in enhancing the services provided to citizens.

Mr. Bally confirmed the special attention paid by the bank to support local institutions and to enhance partnership and cooperation with them, as this contributes to the achievement of sustainable development, which is considered a priority in its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mr. Hatim Al-Mahareeq thanked the bank, emphasizing that this support asserts the significant role of the bank in the process of establishment and development, as well as its endeavor to build a strong society, stressing the importance of cooperation between private and public sectors in achieving complementary roles to serve citizens interests.

The Bank runs it operations in consistency with the principles and rules of the Islamic Sharia, through 45 branches and offices and over 85 Automatic Teller Machines, distributed all over the country.