Palestine Islamic Bank Supposrt Vocational Training Center in Hebron

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to Vocational Training Center in Hebron, in context of its continuous support to the educational institutions.

The bank manager of the southern area, Mr. Nizar Bally, visited the center and met its director Mr. Imad Salem and the educational cadre, where they discussed the center’s status and needs.

Mr. Bally has confirmed the bank’s concern to provide support to educational institutions, stressing furthermore, the importance of developing vocational training and education in Palestine and to enhance partnership between private and public sectors, commending the efforts of the center in the field of developing human resources through the provision of training services in various vocational specialties, and its contribution in regulating vocational work in the area.

From his side, Mr. Imad Salem lauded the role of the bank in supporting the educational institutions and being constantly informed of their needs, as part of its endeavors to serve society and its institutions.

The Bank allocates the major part of its corporate social responsibility budget to support education and health sectors, aiming to create a positive and sustainable impact on society.