Palestine Islamic Bank Holds a Lecture on Islamic Banks at a School in Tulkarm

Palestine Islamic Bank held a lecture on Islamic banking and transactions at Jamal Abdel Nasser Secondary Girls School in Tulkarem.

Manager of Tulkarem Branch at PIB, Ammar Yaseen, Mahmoud Sha'ban, representative of the Shari'a Supervisory Department at the Bank, and employees from the Finance Department, gave the lecture in the presence of the school coordinator Ms. Ghada Shawareb, and other faculty members.

During the lecture, students from the twelfth grade were briefed on the nature of the work of Islamic banks, the services in which they provide, and financial instruments compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’, in addition to raising their awareness on the banking sector in general.

Moreover, PIB is carrying out a series of activities to raise awareness on the banking sector, targeting various segments of the society, in the context of its role in promoting the policy of financial inclusion.

For her part, the school's coordinator thanked Ms. Ghada Shawareb, thanked PIB for their constant interest in supporting educational activities, especially by raising awareness on banking work in schools and universities.