Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Al-Rimal Middle School

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to Al-Rimal Girls Middle School (A) in Gaza, within its framework to support educational institutions. In order to discuss ways of cooperation with regards to the school conditions, Gaza’s main branch manager at PIB, Imad Abu Zuhair, visited the school and met with its principal, Ms. Bahira Abu Hamda, the head of the parents’ council, Mr. Imad Abu Alwan, as well as some of the school faculty members.

The Bank helped equip the school’s technical room and installed a projector for learning purposes, so as to serve the educational process and develop the methods used by the faculty in order to provide the best possible educational quality for students.

For her part, the school’s principal, Ms. Bahira Abu Hamda, thanked PIB for their support, while praising their significant role in responding to the needs of educational institutions, and for their interest in the educational sector.

Furthermore, the Bank’s interest in the educational sector is not only limited to providing support to its institutions, but also to providing support to students throughout their various stages of education through the program of fees installment, in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia’.