Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Masha Boys School

Palestine Islamic Bank provided Masha Boys School in Salfit with the means to erect a sunshade umbrella so as to provide students with a more appropriate learning environment.

Mr. Subhi Al-Muneer, Manager of Bidya’s office at PIB, visited the school, where he met with the Chairman of Masha Council, Nidal Amer and the School Principal, Essam Al-Khatib. During their meeting, they discussed the different ways through which they can support the educational process and meet the needs of the region; while stressing the Bank’s interest in supporting the education sector.

PIB pays great attention to supporting the education sector, and is keen on supporting educational institutions through the establishment of infrastructure and the provision of their various needs thereof. The Bank ensures that such needs are met through making cash and in-kind donations, to said institutions, in order to support them and to provide decent educational services to our people.

Moreover, PIB ensures that its interventions have a positive and sustainable impact on the groups in which it serves; whereas the Bank enjoys a variety of partnership relations with various institutions of the community, thus achieving integration between economic and civil society institutions in order to serve the nation.

It is also worth mentioning that PIB enjoys the widest Islamic banking network in Palestine with 45 branches and offices and more than 80 ATMs spread nationwide.