Palestine Islamic Bank Rebuilds a Home of a Family in Qalqilya

Palestine Islamic Bank, in partnership with the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces and Falastin Al-Kheir Program, rebuilds a house for an underprivileged family in the city of Qalqilya.

The reconstruction of Sana Awaisi’s house included renovation, maintenance and furnishing of the house; noting that the house is home to 8 family members where the father is ill and unable to work.

A delegation from PIB, including the Bank’s Deputy General Manager Imad Al-Saadi, Director of the Northern District Khitam Abu Eita, accompanied by Major-General Saadeh Saadeh, the Director General of the Scientific Committee in the National Security Forces and a team from Falastin Al-Kheir visited the family’s home.

Al-Saadi stressed the keenness of the Bank’s Board, represented by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Maher Masri, as well as all the other members, to respond effectively to the needs of the community through the Bank’s Social Responsibility program in order to achieve development and meet the needs of the citizens. He further added that the Bank is very glad to have contributed to the happiness of this unfortunate family.

“We are proud and happy of this achievement and we are very glad to have witnessed the happiness of the children of this family”, Al-Saadi said; adding that, “PIB has and will continue to support every project that contributes to helping our people”.

Al-Saadi also said that PIB provides its support to all Palestinian governorates, especially Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, with an emphasis on the sectors of education, women and children.

Additionally, Al-Saadi stressed the important and constructive role played by the Scientific Committee in the National Security Forces and Falastin Al-Kheir Program.

Furthermore, Al-Saadi unveiled a new project intended to be implemented by PIB, in cooperation with the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces and Falastin Al-Kheir Program in Al-Shuyoukh area in Hebron; while calling on the private sector and the banking sector in particular to contribute to similar projects.

For his part, Major General Saada Saada expressed his pride in the partnership with PIB, which he described as significant; hoping that this fruitful cooperation will continue to generate future projects. He also stressed the need for integration between the various sectors in order to build a strong nation for the people.

For her part, Sanaa Awaisi thanked PIB, the Scientific Committee and Falastin Al-Kheir Program for helping them rebuild and furnish their house and help improve the conditions of her life and her family’s life as well.