Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Bethlehem Islamic Club

Palestine Islamic Bank provided support to Bethlehem Islamic Club football team via a visit conducted by Nidal Ayesh, Manager of Dar Salah’s Office at PIB, where he met with the club’s president, Mr. Fathi Kanaan, and sports supervisor Nabil Al-Harimi.

Through its Social Responsibility Program, PIB contributes to the development of the local community and meets its diverse needs, while ensuring a positive and sustainable impact on the groups it serves, through partnership and cooperation with specialized and qualified institutions.

PIB considers the contributions it makes through its Social Responsibility Program an integral part of its role in building the nation, noting that the program supports multiple sectors in all governorates.

Moreover, PIB has the largest Islamic banking network in Palestine, with 44 branches and offices and more than 80 ATMs spread nationwide.