Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Saida Village Council

As part of its partnership and cooperation with community-based institutions and with the local authorities, Palestine Islamic Bank has made a financial contribution to support the activities of the Saida Village Council in Tulkarm Governorate.

Manager of Attil Office at PIB, Mr. Anan Al-Sabah visited Saida Village Council and was received by Mr. Samir Ajaj, Chairman of the Council as well as by a number of the Council’s staff; where they discussed ways to develop cooperation between the two institutions in order to better serve the residents therein.

PIB is known for making many contributions to the education sector, as it is considered a priority within the Bank’s Social Responsibility Program; whereas the Bank’s support thereto stems from its belief that the education sector plays a vital role in building a better nation.

For his part, Mr. Samir Ajaj, Chairman of Saida Village Council, thanked PIB, its managers and staff for their unrelenting contributions in the development of the various sectors in the village; especially the education sector. Mr. Ajaj also wished the Bank further success in their work and in their insistent attempts in better serving our nation.