Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Dhahria

Palestine Islamic Bank provided support to the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Dhahria in Hebron through the purchase of computers and printers to facilitate the work of the college.

A delegation from PIB including Nizar Bali, Director of the Southern District, and Talat Hawarin, Manager of Dhahria Office, visited the College of Islamic Sciences in Dhahria and met with Dr. Khaled Al-Sarahneh, Dean of the College as well as a number of the faculty members, to discuss ways of cooperation between the two institutions in order to better serve the students and the society.

Bali thanked the college for the efforts exerted towards improving the educational reality in the province; while stressing the Bank’s support of the educational sector in order to build an effective educational system capable of creating and building competencies.

This donation comes within the context of the Bank’s efforts to support the educational process, in terms of infrastructure and in terms of supporting student activities; and in order to provide the parties involved in the educational process with the necessary requirements needed to enable them to fulfill their duties to the fullest extent. In addition to other services provided by the Bank, which facilitate the access of citizens to education, such as the tuition installment program, which enables the public to pay their tuition fees in the form of easy installments commensurate with the level of their income; in partnership and in cooperation with a number of national educational institutions.

Moreover, PIB focuses on supporting the health and education sectors within its Social Responsibility Program due to their significant impact on the lives of citizens and the vital role in which they embody in building the nation.