Palestine Islamic Bank is Palestine’s First Anti-Smoking Figure for 2019

Palestine Islamic Bank has been named by the Palestinian Anti-Smoking Association as “Palestine’s First Anti-Smoking Figure” for the year 2019.

The Bank was awarded said title by the honorary President of the Palestinian Anti-Smoking Association, HE Dr. Safaa Nasser El-Deen, during a ceremony which took place at the Chamber of Commerce in Hebron. Attendees of the ceremony included Nizar Bali, Director of the Southern District; President of the Palestinian Anti-Smoking Association, Majed Al-Shuiokhi, as well as a number of the Association’s Board Members and volunteers; the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hebron; and a number of legal persons and volunteers in the fight against smoking and participants in the campaigns of the Palestinian Anti-Smoking Association.

Bali expressed his pride in receiving this title, while thanking the Palestinian Anti-Smoking Association for its distinguished efforts in controlling the spread of this phenomenon.

Whereas PIB prohibits smoking inside its premises and encourages its employees to follow healthy hygiene practices in order to maintain public health and reduce the harm to non-smokers as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Furthermore, PIB believes that reducing smoking is considered an integral part of its efforts in supporting the health sector, to which the Bank annually allocates a large part of its Social Responsibility Program Budget.