Under the Patronage of the Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority ... Palestine Islamic Bank Opened an Office in Attil

Under the Patronage of HE Mr. Azzam Shawwa, Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), Palestine Islamic Bank has opened an office in Attil – Tulkarem.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Tulkarem, Mr. Essam Abu Bakr, the Chairman of Tulkarem Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Haseeb, the Mayor of Attil, Mr. Nashat Daqqa, District leader, Colonel Jamal Abul-Ezz, as well as a number of dignitaries and businessmen in the governorate. Attendees of the Bank included, PIB General Manager, Bayan Qasem, Dr. Raed Abdul Halim, Assistant General Manager of Banking Operations, Dr. Ali Al-Sartawi, Chairman of the Shari'a Supervisory Board, Director of the Northern District, Mrs. Khitam Abu Eita and a number of the Bank’s Managers of Departments and Branches.

The opening ceremony was preceded by the ribbon cutting ceremony and a tour of the office; during which, the attendees had the chance to view the office and were highly impressed with the level of efforts exerted and possibilities in which the office had to offer.

Bayan Qasem, PIB General Manager, affirmed the Bank's commitment to provide banking services compliant with the principles of Islamic Sharia in all Palestinian governorates, in line with the policy of financial inclusion launched by the Palestinian Monetary Authority.

Qasem also emphasized the Bank’s efforts in strengthening its presence in the digital world through launching internet, mobile and social networks platforms; emanating from its belief in the need to provide Islamic banking services via up-to-date tools in order to provide the public added value when dealing with the Bank.

Qasem further added that PIB is continuously working to develop its electronic and administrative systems, and refine the expertise of its staff to provide clients with a distinctive banking experience.

Moreover, Qasem emphasized the Bank’s commitment to support the community through its Social Responsibility Program, which is devoted to support the vital and most needy sectors; pointing out that the Bank is ardent to ensure that its interventions have a positive and sustainable impact.

Additionally, Qasem thanked PMA for its efforts to maintain the stability of the Palestinian banking system, especially in light of the difficult circumstances encountered by our nation. He also expressed his gratitude to the local bodies and authorities which contributed to the success the opening of Attil Office.

For his part, Tulkarem Governor Essam Abu Bakr, praised PIB for opening an office in Attil; emphasizing that such a step will help revive the economic situation in the area, and open new horizons for work and investment therein. He also called for the cooperation of more national institutions to help build our nation.

Chairman of Tulkarem Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Haseeb stated that Islamic banking has succeeded in providing investment solutions intended to help businesses grow and expand; regarding banks as the economy’s main generators due to their provision of funding to various sectors. He was also keen to note PIB’s role in Social Responsibility.

Mayor of Attil, Mr. Nashat Daqqa, on the other hand, stressed that all the municipality’s services and resources will be available to all national institutions that wish to open offices or branches therein; noting that by opening an office in Attil, PIB has taken a step towards reviving the economy therein and in surrounding areas.

For his part, Dr. Ali Al-Sartawi, PIB Chairman of the Shari'a Supervisory Board said that: “The Board supervises and monitors the Bank's businesses in order to ensure that it is compliant with Shari’a principles, thus ensuring that clients receive services in line with the Islamic Shari'a”; noting that the Board relies on direct access to the Bank’s businesses and on the existence of a Shari’a Audit Department, which conducts field visits and monitors the daily work of the Bank and submits follow-up reports while correcting any errors or misdoings, if any.

Al-Sartawi further pointed out that the Board is activating various investments and financing formulas that meet the needs of the community while adhering to the Shari'a principles.