Under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority ... Palestine Islamic Bank Opens a New Office in Nablus

Under the patronage and in the presence of His Excellency, Governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), Mr. Azzam Al Shawa, Palestine Islamic Bank opened the Hisba office in Nablus; its sixth branch in the governorate of Nablus and forty-fifth nationally.

His Excellency the Governor of the Monetary Authority, Her Excellency Deputy Governor of Nablus, Ms. Anan Al-Atirah, His Excellency the President of Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Omar Hashem, the Chairman of the Institution of Orphans Fund Management and Development, Mr. Rafik Al-Natsheh, and a number of legal persons participated in the opening of the ceremony. On the other hand, attendees representing the Bank included, Chairman of the Board, Maher Masri, General Manager Bayan Qasem, Executive Management and Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Dr. Ali Al-Sartawi and Director of the North District Khitam Abu Aita, as well as a number of directors of departments and branches.

His Excellency Chairman Maher Masri welcomed the attendees, stressing that their participation on this day constitutes a valuable form of support for the Bank’s continued process of construction and development, alongside other institutions of the private and public sectors.

“The opening of the Hisba office comes within the framework of the Bank’s plan to deliver banking services to citizens everywhere; in line with the Monetary Authority’s strategy to achieve financial inclusion in Palestine”, said Masri.

Additionally, Masri indicated that the Bank is continuing to implement its strategy of digitizing its services, and developing a new generation of electronic services that allows customers to complete their various financial transactions with minimal effort and at any time remotely; to achieve its vision of being the leading Bank in providing advanced Islamic financial solutions that meet the needs and requirements of all segments of society. He further stressed the Bank’s keenness to promote the culture of Islamic banking, and establish partnerships with local, regional and international financial institutions; while adhering to global standards of governance and instructions issued by regulatory authorities.

Masri also praised the great role of the Palestinian Monetary Authority in revitalizing and developing the banking system, as well as maintaining its stability; adding that, “the banking sector is strong and built on a solid foundation which is based on international rules, thus enabling it to face all challenges”.

Moreover, Masri thanked all parties in Nablus for their support of the banking sector and for providing everything necessary to facilitate its work.

In turn, His Excellency Governor of the Monetary Authority, Mr. Azzam Al-Shawa congratulated PIB on the opening of its new branch in the Hisba area in Nablus Governorate, which had recently witnessed another branching; thus indicating the interest of the banking system, via the PMA’s encouragement, to branch and spread the culture of banking in every governorate, city, suburb, village and Camp in Palestine. He also praised PIB for its contributions to the culture of banking and social responsibility.

His Excellency the governor added that the total achievements of the Monetary Authority were noticeably reflected in the Palestinian banking system performance indicators, and by its active contributions to developments in the Palestinian economy. According to recent data, as at the end of November 2019, the net assets of the banking sector amounted to approximately $16.9 billion while the net assets of Islamic banks amounted to approximately $2.8 billion; total equity for banks amounted to approximately $1.98 billion and $297.5 million for Islamic banks, while total capital paid amounted to approximately $1.25 billion and $237 million for Islamic banks.

His Excellency the governor added that the direct facilities of all banks amounted to a little more than $8.89 billion, of which the share of Nablus Governorate was a little more than one billion dollars. While the direct facilities of Islamic banks were approximately 1.7 billion dollars, of which the share of Nablus Governorate was $236 million. On the other hand, customer deposits of all banks amounted to a little more than 13 billion dollars, of which 1.7 billion dollars were earned by Nablus governorate; whereas customer deposits for Islamic banks amounted to about 2.2 billion dollars, of which the share of Nablus Governorate amounted to 364 million dollars.

Furthermore, the governor of the Monetary Authority indicated that many major projects were launched recently, while others are to be launched soon; in preparation for the transition to a modern central bank with full powers and responsibilities. This transition will include electronic clearing projects, and the initiative to develop a national strategy for developing Fintech financial technology services in Palestine.

For her part, the Deputy Governor of Nablus Governorate, Ms. Anan Al-Atirah, said that PIB’s increase in the number of its branches and offices in Nablus demonstrates its great interest in delivering its services to all citizens in this governorate; while stressing their continuous readiness to cooperate with the Bank and overcome any obstacles hindering its work, wishing PIB further progress and success.

In turn, the President of Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Omar Hashem, praised the financial services provided by PIB to businessmen, and praised their tireless efforts to give them more advantages intended to facilitate their work and save them time and effort; thus enabling them to develop their businesses securely. He also stressed that PIB’s new branching will encourage citizens to invest their money, which will stimulate the economic movement in the city.

On the other hand, in his speech during the ceremony, chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Authority, Dr. Ali Sartawi, said that the authority supervises all the Bank’s transactions and businesses, in order to ensure its commitment to the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia. Indicating that it continues to work to find new financing and investment formulas that match the requirements of life and meet the needs of customers, in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Law.

He further added that, “the Bank, as of establishment, recognized a code of conduct based on the pillars of Islamic Sharia and conducts its works accordingly.” He also tanked the Monetary Authority for its great efforts to expand regulations and laws related to Islamic banking and establishment to the Supreme Control Authority thereof.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that PIB has been operating since 1997 in accordance with the provisions and principles of Islamic Sharia, through the widest Islamic banking network in Palestine, which includes 45 branches and offices and more than 80 ATMs spread in various governorates of the country.