“Palestine Islamic Bank” Launches “Kareem” Campaign of 2019

Palestine Islamic Bank launched the third edition of “Tawfeer Kareem” Campaign of the year 2019 during a ceremony held in Ramallah, which was attended by the Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, Dr. Riyad Abu Shehadeh, the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ramallah and Al- Bireh, presidents and deputies of the municipal and village councils and a group of businessmen and legal persons in the governorate. With regards to the bank, the ceremony was attended by the General Manager, Mr. Bayan Qasem, his assistant for planning and development, Mr. Asem Al Masri, the Director of Central District, Mr. Raik Omar, the Director of Northern District, Mrs. Khitam Abu Atiyah, and the managers of branches and offices in the governorate.

The bank surprised the campaign’s first winner, Mr. Yaser Saleh Abu Baker, by announcing his name in front of the audience, after the bank has invited him to attend the ceremony in his capacity as one of the bank’s customers who won a simple prize, however, he was surprised of winning the first jackpot at the value of (NIS 250,000).

Mr. Abu Baker expressed his extreme satisfaction at winning the prize, affirming that it is a very huge and unexpected prize. He also extended his thanks to Palestine Islamic Bank for the instant prizes, gifts and benefits which the bank offers to its customers through “Tawfeer Kareem” campaign.

In addition, the Deputy Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, Dr. Riyad Abu Shehadeh, paid tribute to Palestine Islamic Bank and its constant activity which is achieved through the bank’s development and introducing of new banking products and services, as the bank works to promote and facilitate the access of various segments of society to such products and services in order to make the optimal use of them.

Dr. Abu Shehadeh added: “Palestine Islamic Bank is one of the leading banks in the area of Islamic banking, whereas the bank’s net assets exceeded (USD one Billion), while the savings deposits in the bank amounted to (USD 590,569,682) by the end of February of this year”, emphasizing that the Monetary Authority will make every effort to support and encourage all institutions aimed at the development and promotion of banking, including the Islamic banking within Palestine.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem, stated the savings accounts’ jackpots of this year have been doubled to become (NIS 250,000), as such jackpot is drawn every two months. In addition to multiplying the number of instant gifts and discount coupons which are received by the public upon the opening of a new savings account or depositing amounts into their existing accounts’ balance.

Regarding the main objective of savings campaigns, Qasem affirmed that the bank seeks to strengthen the concept of saving and reinforce good economic habits and practices within the society, as raising awareness of banking among the public is deemed as one of his main objectives, in conformity with the policy of financial inclusion developed by Palestine Monetary Authority.

Moreover, Qasem thanked the public for their confidence, indicating that the additional value which the bank provides, through “Tawfeer Kareem” campaign, to the public is instant, as it is provided when the savings account is opened or an amount of (USD 300)- or its equivalent in other currencies- is deposited in the customer’s balance, whereby the customer gets a set of instant gifts and discount coupons with major Palestinian companies, along with the chance of winning the jackpot at the value of (NIS 250,000) that is drawn every two months.

Qasem also pointed out that every amount added to the balance, in the value of (USD 200)-or its equivalent in other currencies- shall offer the account holder an additional chance to win the jackpot, stressing that all in kind and cash gifts which are provided as part of the savings campaign are derived from the shareholders’ funds, rather than the depositors’ rights.

Furthermore, Qasem added: “we make sure to diversify the banking services provided to our customers, and work on offering them a unique banking experience.” Emphasizing that the bank is moving towards digitalization to ensure the customers’ obtainment of banking services in a rapid, efficient and secure manner, referring to the bank’s updating and development of its banking systems in order to provide an adequate service to the public and to provide several electronic services via the internet, mobile phones and social media networks, such as “Islami Online”, “Islami Mobile” and “Islami Auto” services, for the same purpose.

It is noteworthy that Palestine Islamic Bank has first launched “Tawfeer Kareem” campaign in 2017, and it was renewed in 2018 under the slogan “greater and wider Kareem”, moreover, the campaign has been re-launched, in its new form “Kareem x2”, as it shall continue till the end of this year 2019.