PIB wins “The Most Innovative Islamic Bank in Palestine” Award

Palestine Islamic Bank received the “Most Innovative Islamic Bank in Palestine” Award for the year 2018, which was offered by the International Finance Magazine (IFM).

Mr. Bayan Qasem, the General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, considered the Bank’s receiving of this Award as another proof of the success of the Bank’s existing strategy, which is based on offering Islamic banking services in an untraditional way and using methods and tools that keep up with the latest technological developments. Also he assured that innovation and creativity are authentic values that the Bank reinforces in its staff.

Additionally, Qasem said that the success of the Palestine Islamic Bank depends, primarily, on the trust of its clients, on its constant striving to invent modern financial tools that are consistent with the principles of the Islamic Sharia, on using modern banking systems, and on expanding its branches and offices to be closer to clients. In addition, the Bank is interested in the local society and seeks to support it. Moreover, the Bank stands on a concrete ground, which is manifested in the systematic work, clear strategic vision, and the strong performance of the board of directors and the executive management, and added “all these reflected positively on the growth of the financial indicators of the Bank”.

Furthermore, Qasem pointed out to a number of safe and secure electronic services that the Bank offers to its clients, such as “Islami Online”, which enables clients to manage their accounts easily and securely at any time through their computers, or through “Islami Mobile” application that they can use through their smart phones. The Bank’s services are also available to clients during their use of Facebook, through “Islami Auto” service, which Palestine Islamic Bank was the leading bank to launch this services among banks works in Palestine.

Qasem also pointed out the distinguished modern financing solutions that the Bank offers to its clients, such as “Al Tayseer” credit cards that the Bank offers, in addition to launching of a program for facilitating the payment of tuition fees and medical fees using “Al ijara Al mawsofa fi al themma”.

It is worth mentioning that the International Finance Magazine (IFM) is a specialized financial and business magazine in UK, that provides awards in numerous fields, including banking, real-estate, communication, petrol, and gas. The specialized teams at the magazine then select those who have accomplished the highest standards of innovation and performance in the names fields, through focusing on their innovative contributions and accomplishments.