Palestine Islamic Bank Renovates a Home in Burqin

The Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) provided the funds necessary for the renovation of a home of a family consisting of 6 members in Burqin village near Jenin. The renovation was implemented in coordination with the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces and Falasteen AlKhair Organization.

The house, which consists of one ground floor, was paved, plastered and painted. Additionally, the kitchen was fully prepared and windows were installed. A part of the essential furniture, in addition to some basic supplies and foods, were also provided to the family.

A special delegation visited the home of Waleed Amer – whose house was renovated. This delegation included the PIB representatives which includes marketing department manager, Ibrahim Suleiman, northern area manager, Khitam Abu Etah, Jenin branch manager, Mustafa Habaibeh, and Qabatia office manager, Mahmoud Nazzal; in addition to Major General Eng. Saadah Saadah, the head of the scientific committee of the national security forces; the Jenin deputy governor, Kamal AbuArrub, the governor assistant, Mansoor AlSaadi, and the Burqin mayer, Mohamed AlSabbah.

Mustafa Habaibeh, PIB’s branch manager in Jenin, asserted the Bank’s concern and interest in the local society, and the work towards meeting its demands, as part of the Bank’s belief in being a strategic partner in the development of the Palestinian society.

Additionally, Habaibeh said that PIB aims, through its corporate social responsibility program, at making positive and sustainable change in the areas in which it operates, assuring that the Bank’s interventions are based on strategic plans that focus on building and development, in order to build a strong society.

Furthermore, Habaibeh praised the efforts that the Scientific Committee of the National Security Forces exerted, which resulted in the completion of the full renovation and preparation of the house within 20 days only, noting that this is the third cooperation between the Bank and the Scientific Committee. This initiative was the third with the committee; the first was providing support for a small project that aims at generating income for a family that has children with disabilities at the beginning of this year, and the second was the renovation and furnishing of a house in Tubas last year.

Moreover, Habaibeh extended his thanks to Buqin municipality for the facilitations that offered throughout the duration of the project, and to the staff of the Scientific Committee who completed the project in a record time with full proficiency, in addition the employees of the PIB who volunteered in helping with the completion of the renovation of the house.

From their side, the attendees thanked the Palestine Islamic Bank for its contribution, calling upon all national institutions to collaborate and participate in the development of the society, and to offer help to those who are in need.