Palestine Islamic Bank Presents School Bags to Al-Amal Institute for Orphans

Part of “Spread a Smile” Campaign

Palestine Islamic Bank presented school bags to a group of orphans registered with Al-Amal Institute for Orphans in Gaza city.

A delegation from PIB that included ; Mr. Maher Abu Hussein; Gaza branch manager , and Mr. Fadel Bsiso; Beit Lahia’s office manager and Mr. Mohammad Al-Tawil; Tal Al-Sultan’s office manager.

PIB delegation was welcomed by Chairman of the Al-Amal Institute; Dr. Abdul Majid Al-Khudari, and the Executive Director Mr. Iyad Al-Masri and the head of finance Mr. Abdullah Al-Muayyani

.Mr. Iyad Al-Masri the Executive Director presented an explanation of the most important upcoming projects and future plans the institute aims to implement in the next stage, praising the cooperation between the institute and PIB, he called for enhancing this cooperation through more partnerships and active contributions to provide a better life for orphans.

Maher Abu Hussein; PIB Gaza branch manager said that the bank’s donation comes as part of “Spread a Smile” campaign which was launched by PIB staff, the campaign is held on a periodic basis and aims to provide aid to the local community, pointing that the bags were collected from all PIB branches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he said that the bank encourage the staff to volunteer and contribute to building the Palestinian society because PIB believes that the bank and its staff’s role is complementary for the rest of efforts made by other national organizations.

Dr. Abdul Majid Al-Khudari expressed his pleasure with the visit of the Bank's delegation, considering it an important visit that reflects the Bank's role in serving the orphan cause and support of Al-Amal Institute for orphans.

From his end, Mr. Iyad Masri explained the nature of the work of the Institute and the most important activities, programs and services provided by it, noting that the Institute provides services to more than 7,000 orphans in the Gaza Strip.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation visited some of the Institute's facilities, including the accommodation building, the dining room and the institute's Kindergarten.