Palestine Islamic Bank Donates Electronic Devices to Huwwara Elementary School

Ramallah- Palestine Islamic Bank donated to a classroom dedicated to dealing with students who have learning difficulties and mental challenges, the donation made in Huwwara elementary school for girls.

Huwwara school have organized a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the special needs classroom, the ceremony was attended by a delegation representing PIB which included the following names: Mrs. Khitam Abu Ayta; director of the northern district, Mrs Rawand Al-Masri; Nablus branch Manager, Mr. Mahdi Salahat; Huwwara office Manager, in addition to Mr. Nasr Abu Karsh; director of directorate of education in south of Nablus, Mr. Nasser Al-Huwwari head of Huwwara municipality along with members of Huwwara municipal council, staff members of the school and a number of local residents.

Mr. Mahdi Salahat; manager of the PIB’s office in Huwara, said that the bank donated electronic devices based on its belief in its social role in its environment. Affirming the bank’s commitment to support the educational process by providing tools that facilitate students' access to knowledge.

Salahat pointed that the PIB have always supported technological transformation in all sectors, with the aim to keep up with the modern world and benefit from major and diverse features that technology present, he mentioned launching a very important package in the past two years which included a number of programs and up to date application that facilitates customers' access to a unique banking experience.

Salah extended his deep gratitude to Huwwara elementary school and the directorate of education in the north for the tremendous efforts they put in serving this region, considering the special needs classroom an important addition that can provide a suitable education for all students with no distinguish.

It's worth mentioning that Palestine Islamic Bank pays special care in supporting different sectors in the community, with taking into consideration making a positive, sustainable impact in the Palestinian society, pointing that the budget allocated for social responsibility in the year 2017 has exceeded USD 800.000, the majority of the budget was dedicated for supporting education and health sectors.