Palestine Islamic Bank Operates a Number of its Branches With Clean Energy

As part of its strategic plan to start relying on clean energy, Palestine Islamic Bank is now operating 14 branches and office in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by using solar energy to generate electricity, in order to ensure the bank’s continuity in functioning while it pumps the surplus energy in the general network for the West Bank.

Mr. Bayan Qasem, General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank said that since 2014 the bank started to increase its reliance on solar energy as a natural, clean, sustainable and renewable source, affirming that this strategic approach to the bank aim to increase the number of branches that generates using clean energy, and aspire to improve the efficiency and capability of currently installed systems.

Qasem also revealed that soon, Palestine Islamic Bank will open the first bank in Palestine that functions fully on clean renewable energy, it will be located in Beit Lahia to the north of the Gaza Strip.

Qasem considered this step a clear indication to the Bank's interest in protecting the environment and the attention it pays to reduce the damage resulting from Banks on the environment, noting that this project contribute in reducing harmful emissions in great quantities that can exceed 1800 tons of carbon dioxide, 4.5 tons of nitrogen dioxide, and contributes to the reduction of 37 kg of lead dioxide per year.

Qasem pointed that electricity generated from solar energy in the bank’s branches and offices currently amounts to 1100 kWh daily where the bank takes its needs to functions and the rest gets pumped into the general network based on agreements that have been signed with Jerusalem District Electricity Company and the Northern Electricity Distribution Company, he also revealed the that the bank is striving during this current year to increase the number of branches and offices that employe solar energy.