Palestine Islamic Bank Launches the “Spread a Smile” Campaign

Among its motivational programs dedicated to encourage staff to volunteer and take part in social innovative projects, Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) has launched its “Spread a Smile” Campaign which aims to encourage staff to give back to their community through in-kind contributions made to charities and orphanage homes. The contributions were deposited in all 32 branches, administrative offices for Palestine Islamic Bank all over the West Bank and Gaza.

During the first stage of the campaign, employees managed to gather Eid clothes that were distributed by 14 charities, 75 boxes packed with shoes and clothes for children between the ages 1 and 18. The estimated amount donated valued more than 10 thousand US Dollars.

Doha Wazany, PIB Public Relations manager said: “This step comes within PIB’s vision to enforce its role in the community as an active body with a message based on Islamic rules that encourage people to be in solidarity and compassion with each other. Wazany pointed out that this campaign will turn into a permanent program in PIB with the goal to provide help for those in need. It come as a complementary step for several volunteer programs that were launched recently by the Palestine Islamic Bank like Masart Balady “My Country's Path”, a program that aims to expose people to archaeological sites in Palestine and work to maintain and protect them.

Wazany spoke about the employee’s extreme happiness with their participation in this campaign and praised their excellent responsiveness the campaign by providing clothes and encouraging others to participate, adding that she consider voluntary work on the most important values that the PIB is trying to consolidate within the community in general and among its employees in particular.

Wazany ended her conversation by affirming the unlimited support of PIB board of directors for all the voluntary activities organized by the staff where they make sure to provide all the facilitation needed to implement these activities. it's worth mentioning that the Palestine Islamic Bank organizes plenty of community based voluntary programs annually, these programs include; cleaning of heritage and archeological sites, cleaning public spaces, providing support to patients and elders, and other general activities that have a good influence on the community and contribute to growth and enhancement communication skills for PIB staff.