Palestine Islamic and Polytechnic University of Palestine launches the third round of Islami Award for Scientific Research

Palestine Islamic Bank and the Polytechnic University of Palestine launched the third round of the "Islami Award for Scientific Research" aimed at supporting scientific research and encouraging researchers at Palestinian universities to provide an authentic and distinctive intellectual product that contributes to building knowledge based economy. The award was launched at the bank's headquarters in Ramallah in the presence of the Bank’s General Manager, Mr. Bayan Qasem and the president of the Polytechnic University of Palestine, Prof. Dr. Imad Al-Khatib.

According to Mr. Qasem, the bank has allocated $20,000 to sponsor the award, and that comes in line with the vision and strategy of the Bank to meet & fulfill the needs of society which will be achieved only by serious and distinctive scientific research that contributes to the development of the community as a whole and the building of a strong, knowledge-based Palestinian economy that contributes to the advancement under the shadow of occupation, noting that the bank's sponsorship of the award is an update of the bank's efforts to support the education sector to which the bank allocates 35% of the CSR program budget annually to support the education sector.

Qasem emphasized the pride that the bank takes in partnering with the Polytechnic University of Palestine, praising their role in organizing the award, their attention to detail, the methods they follow in order to encourage the best Palestinian competence to participate in the competition noting that this award was a vivid example of cooperation and integration between the economic, social and educational sectors within society and a powerful demonstration of the potential of our society if it is to be used and harnessed for the common good.

Dr. Imad Khatib, president of the Palestine Polytechnic University emphasized his gratitude to Palestine Islamic Bank for their commitment to community responsibility and to serving causes that benefit science and education. The annual award also works to stimulating the discovery of distinguished scientists and academic research from within our community. He explained that this award through previous seasons has encouraged faculty in Palestinian universities to undertake scientific research to compete for this in different categories.

It should be noted that the award is given to successful researchers to recognize their distinct scientific studies, their efforts and their contributions in the context of scientific research through the publication of their studies in reputable scientific journals. The award is designed to motivate researchers to further their research achievements in service of society. The award includes five categories; the Award for Excellence in Scientific Publishing at the National level and the Award for Excellence in Research for postgraduate students at the National level, the best Applied Research Award, the Abundance of Scientific Research Award and finally the Group Research Award for Polytechnic University of Palestine.