PIB holds a dialogue panel for raising awareness on Islamic Finance and banking services in Nablus

In line with its efforts aimed at raising awareness on banking services in general and Islamic banking in particular, Palestine Islamic Bank held a dialogue panel on Islamic Finance and banking services. The panel was held as part of the events held by the bank within the framework of its strategic sponsorship of Nablus Summer Festival 2023.

The panel was inaugurated in the presence of a crowd of Nablus citizens and traders. It was also attended by Dr. Alaa Sobhi Razia, Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Majid Kharoub, Director of the North District, and a number of the Bank’s branch and department directors.

Razia discussed the role and tasks of the Sharia Supervisory Board with the audience, namely in terms of directing the Bank’s business and activities, ensuring its compliance with the provisions and controls of Islamic Sharia, as well as with those adopted by competent references worldwide within the field of Islamic Banking. He also responded to the inquiries made by the audience on the Sharia-related aspects and details of financial transactions.

He also shed light on the major advancement currently witnessed by banking services and products offered by PIB and its constant accommodation of the latest global and regional developments within this field.

Ibrahim Salman, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at PIB, made a presentation on the Bank’s e-services, Sharia-compliant World Mastercard and Platinum Mastercard, as well as services and privileges offered to customers. He also reviewed other major products and services offered by PIB.

Commenting on the discussion panel, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager stated that such panels fall within the lines of the Bank’s constant efforts toward raising awareness on Islamic Banking. He noted that holding such panel as part of the events of Nablus Summer Festival aims at fostering the face-to-face efforts to raising public awareness on Islamic Banking.

Al-Sadi stated that such awareness raising efforts are in parallel with the Bank’s innovation, creation, and launch of many Islamic banking products and services aimed at meeting the needs of various community segments.

It is worthy to note that PIB is periodically holding awareness gatherings and panels in line with its efforts aimed at raising awareness on Islamic banking services in particular and banking services in general, in order to clarify such concepts to the public, thus contributing to fostering financial inclusion in Palestine.