PIB renews its annual support to a number of Jerusalem-based Institutions

Within the framework of its Sustainable Social Responsibility Program and with the purpose of fostering the resilience of our people in Jerusalem, Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) renewed its annual support to a number of Jerusalem-based Institutions.

In this respect, the Bank offered its support to Al-Aqsa Schools and Kindergarten, Dar Al Fatat Al Laji'a Association, and Fajr Al-Quds Foundation for Economic Empowerment.

A delegation from PIB, including Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB’s General Manager, and Rami Taha, Assistant General Manager for Finance and Administrative Affairs, visited the aforementioned institutions. The visit featured meetings with their management and discussions on their situations and challenges, as well as means for further support to ensure they keep on offering services to our people in Jerusalem.

Al-Sadi stated that PIB is committed to supporting Jerusalem Institutions, namely since such support contributes to fostering citizens’ resilience, preserving the Holy City’s original identity, and growing its various sectors. He also affirmed that this support falls within the Bank’s commitment in supporting education and economic empowerment, in line with PIB’s sustainable efforts in terms of social responsibility.

He added: “The support we offer today is part of our national duty. In fact, it annually comes as our social responsibility top priority. As such, we call upon all sectors and parties to renew their support to Jerusalem-based institutions, namely since their continuous existence means further support to our people and their resilience.”

Al-Sadi underlined the importance of the educational services offered by Al-Aqsa Schools and Kindergarten and Dar Al Fatat Al Laji'a Association in Jerusalem. He also stressed on their role in preserving the City’s identity and enabling our people to pursue their education in an appropriate educational environment. Moreover, he praised the efforts of Fajr Al-Quds Foundation in terms of economic empowerment projects and providing job opportunities to achieve economic and social development.

During its tour in Jerusalem, the Bank’s delegation visited Al Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital where it met with Dr. Adnan Farhoud, the Hospital’s General Manager. The meeting tackled the hospital’s situation and discussed means for promoting joint cooperation to ensure that it continues to offer high quality treatments and health services.

It is worth noting that PIB allocates a part of its annual profit to its Sustainable Social Responsibility Program, the largest part of which is spent on health and education, given their importance in achieving sustainable development.