The eighth edition of the “PIB Award for Scientific Research” launched based on a cooperation agreement

Within the framework of supporting and fostering scientific research, pioneering, and innovation in Palestine, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mwais, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, concluded, today, a cooperation agreement for launching the eighth edition of the “PIB Award for Scientific Research”, at the Ministry’s premises.

The Award aims to promote national scientific research, encourage and support researchers of Palestinian higher education establishments to conduct original and distinguished research, promoting the contribution of scientific research to sustainable development, and enabling scientific research in Islamic Banking.

It also seeks to enable scientific research as a response to emergency situations as well as technological transformation, strengthening the understanding of phenomena and underlying economic, social, and natural factors, and adapting them for the wellbeing of citizen, as well as discussing contemporary economic and social issues, thus contributing to community development and the enhancement of its value and status, and identifying solutions for economic, social, and environmental issues.

The Award covers many fields, such as the impact of FinTech on financial and banking services, education, learning, and trade in the era of technology and artificial intelligence, ensuring quality assurance in banking and higher education establishments, management systems, integrity, and transparency, applied sciences and their role in promoting local production, and healthcare sciences and their study within the Palestinian context.

Abu Mwais noted that promoting productive scientific research falls among the first priorities of the Ministry’s National Strategic Plan. He also stressed the importance of fostering cooperation and integration with national institutions, including private sector establishments, for achieving sustainable development.

He also underscored the value of partnering with PIB and its efforts for supporting the higher education sector, namely in terms of scientific research, whereby such contribution would foster the achievement of excellent educational outputs and purposeful scientific research and products meeting the needs of the Palestinian community.

Abu Mwais noted the Ministry’s focus on investing in scientific research to achieve sustainable development. He added: “We want this Award to become a leading example as it tackles unique and relevant topics.”

Al-Sadi confirmed that the “PIB Award for Scientific Research” forms an essential part of the Bank’s effort to support scientific research in Palestine. He noted that this field is of utmost importance in terms of the Bank’s sustainable community responsibility program, namely since it contributes to achieving development based on education, knowledge, and innovation.

He added: “The Award aims at encouraging the scientific research culture in Palestine, motivating researchers to increase their research productivity and deliver added value to knowledge and research in Palestine.”

Al-Sadi stressed the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to support scientific research, namely through positive outcomes in terms of promoting sustainable development, community service, and national economy. He also praised the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in this respect.

The signing ceremony was attended by members of the Ministry and PIB’s staff.

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