PIB continues on its journey of excellence and giving as part of its Sustainable Social Responsibility Program

PIB supported more than 120 entities in 2022

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) announced that it supported more than 120 entities in 2022 within the framework of its Sustainable Social Responsibility Program.

Support offered by the Bank focused on the health and education sectors, being vital and essential sectors for achieving sustainable development. It also encompassed other sectors, such as relief, development, the environment, disabled individuals, women and youth empowerment, culture, sports, and arts, among others.

Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, stated that in line with its role toward the community and based upon its belief in the importance of efforts consolidation among all institutions to foster development, the Bank yearly allocates a part of its net profits in favor of its Sustainable Social Responsibility program.

He added that the Bank is always keen on ensuring that its contributions support achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals through projects fostering the development of the health and education sectors, the eradication of poverty and unemployment, and the provision of clean water.

He noted: “Projects are executed pursuant to institutional partnerships concluded with the sectors supported by the Bank. For instance, in 2022, we formed 71 partnerships with educational establishments whereby support included renovation works, school facilities construction, offering educational instruments and tools, and supporting academic research through the Bank’s Annual Academic Research Award granted in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research.”

Al-Sadi confirmed that the positive results of the Bank’s 2022 financial performance will positively impact the Bank’s ability to increase its contribution to serving the community within the framework of the 2023 Sustainable Social Responsibility Program.

He also stated that the Bank’s contributions within the social responsibility field are not limited to executing projects supporting various sectors. Rather, based on the importance of volunteering in promoting national belonging and its employees’ giving spirit, the Bank is keen on fostering this culture among its employees, whereby many volunteering activities were held in 2022 in various Governorates and featured the Bank’s employees participation.

PIB’s mission and vision focus on providing quality and modern Sharia-compliant banking solutions and investing in technology. PIB also has a digital transformation strategy, which led to the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital call center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile services. Such products and services provide a unique package of easy and safe banking services which enhance the digital experience for individual and corporate customers. The bank was recently awarded the 2022 “Best bank for providing Islamic banking services and products in Palestine” award by The Arab Bankers Association and “The Banking Executive” magazine.