PIB and Ramallah Municipality discuss joint cooperation promotion

PIB and Ramallah Municipality discuss joint cooperation promotion

Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, General Manager of the Palestinian Islamic Bank (PIB) and Issa Kassis, Ramallah Mayor discussed ways to promote joint cooperation.

This took place at a meeting held at Ramallah municipality’s headquarters in the presence of Assem Al-Masri and Rami Taha, PIB’s Assistant General Managers, and Ibrahim Salman, Director of the Department of Marketing and Public Relations, and Maram Tawtah, the Municipality’s Head of the Media and Protocol Department.

During the meeting, Al-Sadi reiterated the attention the Bank attaches to promoting cooperation with Ramallah municipality to provide the best services to citizens and achieve integration between the banking sector and municipalities, thus supporting sustainable development efforts.

Al-Sadi commended the excellent efforts of Ramallah municipality in terms of serving citizens and its continuous endeavors toward providing time and efforts in their favor, namely through enabling them to carry out their various transactions through electronic channels. In this respect, he stressed the importance of cooperation between both parties to foster the citizens’ adoption of e-payment solutions in their daily transactions.

Kassis welcomed PIB’s delegation and stressed the importance of fostering cooperation between all institutions as well as promoting partnerships with them to achieve the best possible quality of the services offered to citizens. He also praised the advanced services PIB offers to its clients.

PIB’s mission and vision focus on providing quality and modern Sharia-compliant banking solutions and investing in technology. PIB also has a digital transformation strategy, which led to the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital call center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile services. Such products and services provide a unique package of easy and safe banking services which enhance the digital experience for individual and corporate customers. The bank was recently awarded the 2022 “Best bank for providing Islamic banking services and products in Palestine” award by The Arab Bankers Association and “The Banking Executive” magazine.