Dr. Alaa Razia as the Director of Shariah Supervisory Board in PIB

Palestine Islamic Bank announced that Dr. Alaa Razia has assumed his new position as Chairman of the Shari'a Supervisory Board in the Bank. Dr. Alaa Razia has a wide experience as well as in-depth jurisprudential knowledge of Islamic banking science, jurisprudence, and legislation. He also has a PhD in Financial Economy from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and he also has a Master’s degree in Islamic Banks from Al-Yarmouk University in Jordan as well as another Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas in the United States of America in addition to Bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence and legislation from An-Najah National University.

Razia currently works as the Director of Islamic Banks Department and as the Director of Islamic Funding Master's Program at An-Najah National University, and he also achieved Scientific Research and Quality of Publications Prize for 2019. Razia also has several banking studies published in known international scientific journals. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of Humanitarian Sciences Journal at An-Najah National University. PIB General Manager Imad Al-Sadi, indicated that the Bank’s staff is proud of having Dr. Alaa Razia as the Director of Shariah Supervisory Board thanks to his distinctive scientific and sharia experiences, as well as his significant contributions in setting up the rules and principles of Islamic banking in Palestine, also Al-Sadi extends his thankfulness for the Bank’s Board of Directors for electing him for this position.

Al-Sa’di added: “On this occasion, I would like to assert that appointing Dr. Alaa Razia as the Director of Shariah Supervisory Board complements the policy of full compliance with the rules of Islamic Sharia which has distinguished Palestine Islamic Bank, and which has been reinforced by the presence of the most prominent scholars as members and directors of Shariah Supervisory Board since the establishment of Palestine Islamic Bank; who are considered as an elite of Palestine’s scholars in this field”.

Al-Sadi emphasized that Dr. Alaa Razia will contribute in achieving the Bank’s strategy of digital transformation thanks to his wide experience in this field; which will therefore assist in launching additional digital banking services which comply with the principles and rules of Islamic sharia.

Dr. Alaa Razia extended his thankfulness to the Bank’s Board of Directors for this confidence, and he also asserted that he will strive for raising awareness on Islamic banking in Palestine and contributing in developing additional banking products which are consistent with Islamic sharia, as well as fostering communication with the Islamic banking sector both internally and externally.

He also added: “Islamic banking has achieved significant progress worldwide, and it is necessary to keep pace with this progress at the local level; as Islamic banking institutions in Palestine shall provide developed banking services and products which meet customers’ needs and keep pace with imperatives of the age; while guaranteeing that they definitely comply with the principles and rules of the Islamic Shari'a”

PIB’s Shari'a Supervisory Board is composed of prominent scholars who have experience and deep jurisprudence and Shari'a knowledge; they are elected by the Bank’s General Assembly .

The mission and vision of Palestine Islamic Bank revolves around providing comprehensive qualitative and modern banking solutions in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia laws and investment with an advanced technological perspective, in addition to developing a deliberate strategy to move forward in the process of digital transformation that resulted in the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital contact center and Islami Online and Islami Mobile services which provide a distinguished package of banking services through an accessible and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for individual and corporate customers.