Palestine Islamic Bank Supports the Charitable Society for Orphans in Idhna

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to the Charitable Society for Orphans in Idhna, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

The head of the southern area, Mr. Nizar Bally, and the manager of Idhna office, Mr. Rami Nawaja, have visited the Society and met its director, Dr. Fadil Al-Batran, as well as its treasurer, Mr. Abdurrahman Tmayiza, who kept them updated on the Society status and the efforts exerted in taking care of orphans, as well as all the forms of supported provided to the Society.

Mr. Bally confirmed the great attention paid by Palestine Islamic Bank to support charitable societies, and helping them to meet their obligations towards the groups of concern; lauding the considerable efforts made by the Society in taking care of orphan children and providing them with basic education, and in assisting families in need, in addition to other charitable activities cared out by the Society.

Dr. Al-Batran indicated how taking care of orphans is a necessity yet a basic task in each community, which requires concerted efforts by all institutions to ensure best achievement, commending the bank’s role in assisting societies working in this field.

The Bank’s social responsibility policy is based on partnership relations established with the other community institutions. The bank furthermore allocates part of its annual net profits to support activities and programs in the fields of health and educational in particular, in addition to the provision of aid to charitable societies concerned of orphans, senior citizens and individuals with special needs.