Palestine Islamic Bank Supports Asira Al-Shamaliah Girls School

Palestine Islamic Bank has provided support to Asira Al-Shamaliah Girls School, in Nablus governorate, in order to assist the school to diversify the educational methods and tools.

The head of the southern area, Ms. Khitam Abu-Aitta, has visited the school accompanied by a delegation from the bank, and met the school principal, Ms. May Yasin, the educational cadre, and mothers’ council, where they discussed the school status and needs.

Abu-Aitta commended the efforts of the school staff and the constant follow up by mothers’ council, ensuring that the Bank attaches special importance to the support of educational institutions of all stages, out of its concern to build an educated generations capable to continue the course of building and development.

The bank aid came in a form of providing display screens of educational purposes, as this will diversify the tools employed by the educational cadre in delivering knowledge and information associated with curricular and extracurricular activities.

Ms. May Yasin, thanked the Bank for its support and constant follow up to the educational institutions’ needs, emphasizing the importance of partnership between public and private sectors in enhance the sector of education.

The Bank allocates the major share of its corporate social responsibility to support the sectors of education and health, out of its pursuit to achieve a positive and sustainable impact.