Palestine Islamic Bank Sponsors the First Scientific Technology Forum in Gaza

As part of its ongoing efforts to support education, Palestine Islamic Bank sponsored the activities of the “First Scientific Technology Forum” organized by Al-Quds Open University - Gaza Branch; with the participation of dozens of institutions and companies working in the field of modern technology.

The Forum’s activities took place over a period of two days and was opened with the participation of Al-Quds Open University Board of Trustees Vice-Chairman, Dr. Riyad Al-Khudari and a number of other members; the Chairman of the Forum’s Supreme Supervisory Committee, Dr. Islam Amro; the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, Zakaria Al-Kayali and a number of members of the university’s administrative staff; as well as the Deans of Information Technology Colleges in Universities, and representatives of major technology companies and banks operating in the southern governorates. On the other hand, a delegation headed by the director of the Gaza District, Adnan al-Fleit represented PIB at the Forum.

Al-Fleit stressed that the Bank attaches great importance to support all aspects of the educational sector, as it is also keen to support the organization of forums and conferences on modern technologies; which the Bank deems as an essential part of its Social Responsibility Program. Additionally, Al-Fleit praised the efforts of Al-Quds Open University at the scientific and educational levels.

Al-Fleit also stressed the importance of raising the level of Palestine’s contributions in the field of information technology, and in identifying the most important global technological developments.

The forum included scientific lectures and seminars as well as presentations on specialized papers in the field of technology and electronic developments, in addition to an exhibition that included major technology companies in the fields of networks, Internet, communications and software.

During his speech, Dr. Islam Amro stressed the importance of the forum in enhancing cooperation and communication between the various Palestinian institutions working in the field of technology and between educational institutions; while praising the tremendous efforts exerted by all parties that helped organize the forum.

Moreover, the President of the Preparatory Committee, Mr. Zakaria Al-Kayali, commended PIB for their support and for the establishment of the forum; noting the importance of partnership between all sectors to support the organization of such forums and conferences, especially those related to significant technological developments in the areas of education and work.

Furthermore, the exhibition included a booth for PIB, wherein Bank employees were able to provide participants with explanations on the Bank’s banking services and electronic channels as well as on the Bank’s strategies intended to digitize its services.

Also, PIB devotes most of its Social Responsibility Program activities to support the education and health sectors, due to their positive and sustainable impact on society.