Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Zahrat Al-Madaen Girls School – West Gaza

Within its social responsibility program, Palestine Islamic Bank provided support to Zahrat Al-Madaen Secondary Girls School in West Gaza, as part of its support for educational institutions.

Manager of Jabalia branch, Tamer Awad, accompanied by a number of bank employees, visited the school where it’s Deputy Principal, Mrs. Reem Hammad and members of the teaching staff, received them in order to discuss the conditions and needs of the school.

During which, Awad stressed that the Bank attaches great importance to meeting the needs of educational institutions; while stressing the need for concerted efforts between the public and private sectors for further support thereof.

PIB provided a number of devices intended to contribute to the diversification of the means used in the educational process; which will enhance the ability of teachers to simplify curricula and communicate information to students in the most optimal way.

For her part, Hammad thanked PIB for their support, while praising their continued efforts in supporting education in Palestine through providing support to students and educational institutions in all stages.

Additionally, PIB allocates the bulk of its Social Responsibility Program budget to support the education and health sectors, proceeding from their belief that their support will contribute to achieving sustainable development in society.