Palestine Islamic Bank Equips a Computer Lab in a School in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank provided support for the maintenance and renovation of the computer lab at the Zeitoun Elementary Male Refugee School in Gaza City.

Imad Abu Zuhair, Manager of the Gaza branch visited the school and met with its Principal, Mr. Salah Habash, the faculty and a number of the school’s students, stressing the bank’s interest in supporting the education sector.

PIB is committed to supporting the education sector by providing the educational institutions with the necessary needs to provide decent services to students; noting that the Bank’s interest in the education sector stems from its belief that investing in people is considered as one of the most operative investments and the best way to build a strong nation.

Additionally, the Bank directs a large part of its Social Responsibility Program budget to support the health and education sectors with a view to achieving a positive and sustainable impact on the community; whereas the Bank conducts its interventions in partnership and in collaboration with national institutions.