Palestine Islamic Bank Provides Support to Disabled Persons in Hebron

Palestine Islamic Bank provided monetary support to Dura Al-Amal Charitable Association in Hebron with the aim of improving the level of care provided to the disabled persons in said district.

Ismail Amayreh, Manager of Dura branch visited the Association and met with its Director, Mrs. Marcel Al-Sweiti, where they discussed ways of enhancing joint cooperation between the two institutions in order to better serve the disabled.

The Bank is keen to support the health sector in Palestine due to the great difficulties and challenges faced by this sector, and in order to alleviate the burdens of citizens, especially those with disabilities; whereas the Bank’s various forms of support include monetary, in-kind and moral support.

PIB also supports people with disabilities through partner community institutions to ensure that the needs of persons with disabilities are better met.

It should also be noted that PIB enjoys the largest Islamic banking network in Palestine, with 44 branches and offices, 8 of them in Hebron, in addition to more than 80 ATMs spread nationwide.