“Palestine Islamic Bank” Begins the Implementation of “Iftar Meals for Fasting Persons” Project in Gaza Strip

Last Saturday, Palestine Islamic Bank provided Iftar meals to over 1000 families at the city of Rafah, located in the south of Gaza Strip. This event was carried out within the project of “Iftar Meals for Fasting Persons” in cooperation with Ibn Baz Charitable Organization, and with the participation of the Bank’s Manager of Gaza District, Mr. Adnan Al Fleet, and a number of managers and staff of the district branches and offices.

Mr. Bayan Qasem stressed that the project of “Iftar Meals for Fasting Persons” is a part of the activities carried out by Palestine Islamic bank during the holy month of Ramadan, whereas such project aims at providing Iftar meals to more than 3000 families in Gaza Strip in order to lessen the burden on them in light of the difficult conditions witnessed by Gaza strip, noting that the Bank is implementing this project for the third time in the Strip as a result of the urgent need for such project and the positive impact it achieves every year.

Moreover, Qasem pointed out that this year, the Bank has redirected the amounts allocated for Ramadan events that are conducted for the bank’s staff, towards relief activities which target the most unprivileged families, particularly in Gaza Strip, adding “we strive to stand by the side of our people and believe in the importance of relief work, along with the development efforts.”

Furthermore, Qasem stated that the Bank works to enhance the value of volunteerism among its staff and encourages them to commit their efforts and time to serve their society, he also paid tribute to Ibn Baz Charitable Organization and the project of providing food that is dedicated to unprivileged families.